How I came into the world: my parents went for a swim on Sunday, April 21, 2002, and then my mother's water broke, 8 days before my due date. To the hospital, they put my mother on a heart monitor and flex sensor, and I was born the next morning (Monday). The person who was supposed to be my mother's midwife wasn't around, so my daddy had to be the midwife most of the time, and he encouraged mommy to push, contractions from 2002 April 22, 3:15am to 5:15am but my head would not fit through the birth canal. Daddy could see my hair, but I couldn't seem to fit through. So the hospital staff said "C-you". They had to C my mother.
Here's the cord that was connecting me to my mother:

This is my first minute in this world; this is me, less than 1 minute old:

After they cut me out of my mother, they put me into this crib:

My daddy comforts me while they listen to my heart:

My daddy is amazed by my small hands:

Now he's lecturing me about my messy hair:

I weighted 6 pounds + 5.6 ounces:

Now they're measuring my axillary temperature:

Yes, you'd think they could know I'm cold without measuring my temperature. It's about time I get my hat:

Meanwhile, they better hurry up and sew my mommy's belly back up: