Doors Open Toronto, OCAD, Sunday, 2004 May 30th

My daddy attached his new Nikon D2h camera to my baby stroller, and plugged in a pushbutton switch he gave me, so I could take pictures whenever I wanted to. Each time I press the button, an image appears upon the screen on the back of the camera, where I can see it.

Later that evening, I found daddy's camera sitting on the table, so I stood in front of it, pushed the button, and ran around to see the screen on the back of the camera. I did several of these self portraits but they all turned out kind of blurry because it was late in the evening. Even though it was right under the glass ceiling in the studio, there wasn't very much light. But daddy liked the pictures and said they were alot better than some of the abstract art hanging up in the gallery across the street.