Existimology with a baby stroller

A design prototype for a new children's toy:

Sun Aug 23 2004

Christina seems to like playing around with certain switches. For some reason she was attracted to these particular switches that I had laying around in my design studio:

...so, finding a piece of wood to mount them in... sanding off the sharp corners; Christina is eager to do some of the sanding as well:

drilling some holes to mount the switches in:

Christina immediately began inserting the switches into the holes:

Now for something to control with the switches...

Christina seems to also like to play around with the D2h camera (that and the camera flash seem to be her two favorite items to play around with) so it seemed logical to combine her new found switches with an actuation of her favorite toys...

(Connecting the switches to a miniature mobile computer that was designed for use in an automobile, together with a high resolution mobile display originally designed for dashboard use...)

The blue button captures an image:

It can be operated from outside the stroller (as shown above), as well as from within, while seated in the stroller, as shown below:

The image is displayed on the camera back's small 4:3 aspect ratio display. Additionally, an onboard computer processes and displays the image at full resolution on a flat panel display having standard HTDV aspect ratio of 16:9:

While viewing the image, a simple "ACCEPT" or "REJECT" decision is made, by selecting from among the green ("ACCEPT") or yellow ("REJECT") buttons:

The green button gives the go-ahead to accept an image, and displays a "green light" and acceptance icon, and the picture is happily retained:

The yellow button makes the image turn yellow "with age" and fade away:

Here is the result of a typical day's stroll to the park. A fisheye lens provides a 180 degree field of view of subject matter in front of the stroller:

Returning from the park: