Detailed 'glog of ACM Computers, Freedom, and Privacy 2005

box of bags:

box of domes:

dome sewing party at the residence of Deborah Pierce and John Pincus:

Deborah Pierce (ACM CFP General Chair) carrying domes:

conference bags:

Leila working on domes:


rows of conference bags with domes; paint drying arrangement:

Arrival at hotel (Westin, South Tower, as viewed from North Tower 3439:

railing spikes (presumably to prevent theft of seating services):

world's first Starbucks:

Leila stuffing bags:

Bell Sousveillance poster:

Simon Davies; Keeping an Eye on the Panopticon:

Bell Sousveillance tour poster and Ian Kerr:

Bell Sousveillance tour:

(special agent number one)

David Brin was a conference attendee (attendees were all given wearable maybecams):

The conference was held in Seattle, home of the International Fountain:

The EFF awards ceremony took place at the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame, where EyeTap devices are in the permanent collection:
2004.261.2, Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame Permanent Collection

EyeTap device (worn by inventor):

Timelox audit trail on door lock:

International Fountain:

FUNtain in the fountain in front of the Seattle Space Needle:

Big Brother awards:

Sousveillance bags as given to every attendee of ACM CFP 2005:

BOF (Birds of Feather); I informally called mine the "Birdbaths of a Feather"