(If the above revised corporate logos don't display properly on your browser, Buy No Software (BNS) and reformat your hard drive with GNU Linux and a FreeSource browser such as Konqueror, Galeon, Dillo, or Glynx (Graphical Lynx) or Glinaccess (accessible GNU Linux for the visually impaired), because Closed Source software, even if obtained without cost, still encourages consumption and proprietarization of cyberspace.)

Buy No Software

(Adapted from http://adbusters.org/campaigns/bnd/toolbox/vote/2002donate.html with the hope that that site will soon drop their allegence to Macromedia Flascism).

Instead of buying a computer, we put together an old system from items we salvaged from the dumpsters, and from curbside trash.

Then instead of buying software, we programmed it ourselves, building on top of much of the GNU Linux FreeSource.

But because we did not BUY our computers, they won't run Macromedia. Since many of our computers have old obscure microprocessors, they're not supported by the Macromedia Microsoft Macintosh Cartel.

(Macromedia doesn't provide source code for their "Free" downloads --- as RMS would say, the Macromedia plugin download is only "Free as in Free beer, not Free Speech".)

Buy No Software (BNS) boycotts Closed Source Testimonal websites.

How can we be free of consumerism when encouraging the proliferation of the Macromedia Microsoft Macintosh Cartel. BNS encourages the use of GNU Linux, as an alternative to the MacMicMac Cartel.

BNS, held in conjunction with WSD (World Sousveillance Day), December 24th.

While the major corporations continue to produce sites that promote coroporate Closed Source software (that is often also inaccessible to the visually impaired), we call upon the arts community to challenge and resist the Proprietarization of the Web. We call upon the arts community to call into question the Proprietarization of the Web, and the Proprietarization of our communications and interactional media.

Let's Stop Stuffing our Stockings with Software...

At the epoch (Dec. 24th) of the orgy of commerce that serves as the endcap of every year, it is time to also take a critical look at the corporatization of cyberspace.

Therefore, in cooperation with World Sousveillance Day (inverse surveillance day: www.wearcam.org/wsd.htm), DEC 24 will also be a day of protest against software cartels, corporate software alliances in association with powerful states, and international software bureaucracies, which regulate and support private closed-source software power.

How to participate:

If even just a small number of persons participate, this will send a message to others that it is possible to communicate and live in cyberspace without softWARE.

This work belongs to EXISTech Corporation because I did this work while on Company Time (TM).

This work is released under GNU GPL, in accordance with EXISTech Corporate Policy and Procedure Number 65535.

--EXISTech Employee number 9432, acting in the capacity of Assistant Filing Clerk Trainee.