From Fri Nov  8 04:11:24 2002
Date: Fri, 8 Nov 2002 01:36:00 -0800
Subject: Buy Nothing Day Countdown
From: Culture Jammers Network 
To: Culture Jammers Network 

Hey Jammers,

It's full-bore ahead for Buy Nothing Day on Friday, November 29th.*

On the TV front, we asked you to vote on which anti-ad you'd like to see on
prime time. Well, we've counted the 1,800 website votes and the winner is...
the Big Pig! - by a margin of 9 to 1 over the Wild West.  Now the
challenge is to see how high the Pig can fly.
We're shooting for as much air time as we can get on CNN.  We've already
collected $2600, which is half-way to the cheapest spot.  We're aiming for
about $10,000, which will get the clip on Wolf Blitzer Reports or Crossfire.
Crass as it sounds, the more cash you send, the more folks we can shake and
wake. Check progress at

The core of Buy Nothing Day, of course, is among the people who plan
picnics, pranks and potlucks, barter fairs and free concerts.

In St. Louis they're shackling themselves to giant credit cards. Meanwhile,
activists are gearing up for plenty more "Whirl-Mart rituals˛ where they
wander the aisles of a Wal-Mart-esque store pushing empty carts.  Last April
in Austin, Texas they got nailed from the speakers above: "We've been
watching you on the security cameras for about an hour, and this has gone on
long enough."  See the Whirl Mart headquarters at

If youšve got a great event, let us know.  Not sure what's up in your area?
Find out at

And, finally, don't go out empty-handed.  Take advantage of the BND tools -
radio and TV spots, posters, handbills, gift exemption vouchers - all
available for free at BND headquarters,

Charge ahead, and keep us posted.

Volunteers and Staff

*For alternate dates, check the links at

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