The Buy Nothing Christmas website seems to expect us to BUY Microsoft Word

The Buy Nothing Christmas site calls into question consumerism, yet doesn't practice what it preaches.

In the true spirit that they preach, we've built my own computers, and written our own programs for them, but at best we have to limp along with the UNIX "strings" command, or some other program to read their documents, because they've chosen to promote Microsoft Word.

In that sense their site is worse than an advertisment for Word; it's worse than a user testimonial for Word. What they're saying is "accept the Mark of Microsoft", or don't read their content.

If we're really supposed to do as they say and "Buy Nothing", why don't they use Free Source file formats like those relased under GNU General Public License?

The original unedited website screen grab is here.

Buy No Flascism or Offiscism

Read the KJV because the Copyright on the KJV has long since expired. Buy No Intellectual Property!