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Subject: Departmental "News" from Executive Committee Meeting of Nov. 17, 2004
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From: Farid Najm 
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Dear Colleagues and Staff;

Here's the latest "news" from the recent meeting of the Executive Committee.

The Executive committee of the department consists of the Chair, the Group
chairs, the Associate chairs, the Administrative officer and myself. It meets
monthly, and one of its functions is to operate as a communication conduit of
noteworthy news items within the department.


* Farid N. Najm, Professor & Vice-Chair
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* University of Toronto, 10 King's College Road
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News from the Executive Committee, Nov. 17, 2004:
Computer Engineering Group:

* Steve Mann, together with Italian design student Anurag Sehgal, working
  under his supervision, won first prize (10,000 euros) in the Coram
  International Sustainable Design Competition. This work follows the
  completion of the new Sustainable Energy Research Lab, under Mann's
  direction, where students together with Prof. Mann, work on renewable
  energy research projects that involve combining wind and solar energy with
  a new "blue roofs" concept that uses rain water to create interactive fun
  spaces that also irrigate rooftop gardens (green roofs). See the
  following URLs for further information: