Just about everything pertaining to anonymity eventually comes down to money, and in particular, to anonymous money, otherwise known as CASH.

Much could be (and has been) written about cash and anonymity, especially with regards to taxes.

Trying to teach these concepts to my two-year old daughter has been a bit of a challenge, so here is my attempt at putting it all into perspective.

I began with a popular children's song, that goes something like "Baa baa black sheep have you any wool, yes sir, yes sir, three bags full". As many of us know, the real meaning hidden within this song is about taxes. I've simply created new lyrics to make this meaning clearer. I also made some minor changes to the music as well, together with an arrangement suitable for being played by seven flute players (or by one person playing a hydraulophone).

Baa, Baa, Shee-ople

(Sing to your children, to the tune of Baa, Baa, Black Sheep)
Baa baa shee-eople,
have you any cash?

Yes sir, yes sir,
a three bag stash.

One for my country,
and one for my state;

And one for the little boy
with a high tax rate.
--S. Mann, 2004

Chords for BAA baa SHEEople, Arranged in a minor key

(using 3 chords: Aminor, Dminor, and Emajor)
Chords for Baa Baa Sheeople,  S. Mann, 2004

Am          Am                Dm            Am
BAA  baa    SHEE-eople,       HAVE  you any CASH;

Dm          Am                E             Am
YES  sir,   YES sir,   a      THREE bag     STASH;

Am          Dm                Am            E
ONE for my  COUNTry    and    ONE   for my  STATE; ...and

Am          Dm                Am    E       Am
ONE for the LITTle boy with a HIGH  tax     RATE.
(When singing, strongly emphasizing the capitalized words will help to provide the appropriate mood.)

Harmelodic composition for being played on hydraulophone, e.g. Nessie:

Thanks to Ryan for correcting some small errors. If anyone else finds errors or inconsistency with the way you've heard me play it, please let me know.



In case my "hole note" notation is not clear, I also propose an alternate notation in which the line width is used to represent the degree of restrition of the fluid flow coming out of each of the hydraulophone's water jets:

(I've just shown the first phrase here; the rest should be obvious.)

If that's still not clear, it can be played on Nessie, the next time we meet near a pool, lake, hot tub, or garden hose.