Amateur radio interests

Amateur radio, in particular, amateur television (ATV) is a hobby of mine. I belong to an ATV newsgroup (which you can subscribe to by mailing, read "ATV quarterly", and am interested in communicating with other ATV operators. I am also interested in ATV repeaters. I know some people who are interested in ATV model aircraft, though I've never flown myself (perhaps someday soon!). I have a little toy car, though. (Thought I had the first ATV car, but it turns out that a lot of other ATV hams have videocars, and there is a nice article on videocars that I might scan in and put on the Web if enough people are interested.)

I am always eager to meet new ATV enthusiasts from the Boston/Cambridge area; if you're into ATV, email me:, and let me know what frequencies are of interest to you.

If you are not on the 'net (in other words, if you are not reading this Web page, or maybe you're just borrowing a friend's account), you can reach me on 446.000, the national simplex frequency, which I usually monitor. Sometimes I also monitor the MIT repeater on the roof of bld. 54, and the BARC repeater on the roof of the Federal Reserve building in Boston, but I find simplex a lot more fun. I also like making full-duplex QSOs across voice frequency (VHF and UHF) bands, as well as making full-duplex ATV contacts.

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